Monthly Archives: August 2012

Public Appearance: KALW 91.7 on Sikh Shooting Coverage

If you are in the Bay Area or cruising the Internet today around 10:30 a.m. PST/1:30 p.m. EST, please tune into KALW 91.7 where I’ll be a guest on Your Call┬áto talk about coverage of Sikh Americans, and more broadly minorities, in wake of events such as Sunday’s shooting at a Wisconsin temple. It follows up an article I wrote on the issue of minority coverage amidst breaking news situations for Columbia Journalism Review. I briefly discuss that story on a blog post on this site.

New Piece: On Minority Coverage During Breaking News Tragedy

For those of you who are interested in minority coverage in the media, please read my piece from today on the Columbia Journalism Review’s website titled “Breaking news: This minority group is different.” It’s specifically about the coverage of Sikhs in wake of Sunday’s shooting at a temple in suburban Milwaukee. Feel free to comment on CJR’s site or below.

New Piece: Urban Entrepreneurship Examined

I alluded to this story in an earlier post, but my nearly 4,000-word story on urban entrepreneurship in America was published today by Next American City.

The story examines how urban entrepreneurship, by that meaning largely small-scale, minority businesses in inner-city areas, has become a mission in the nonprofit, government and for-profit sectors. A key aspect of the story was deep-diving into what’s happening in Newark, N.J., where Mayor Cory Booker has developed into an inspirational leader of the cause of urban entrepreneurship.

The story is behind a paywall, a new revenue stream for NAC, which recently dropped its print magazine in favor of publishing longform pieces once a week. You may purchase my story, or any other for that matter, for $1.99. A yearlong subscription costs $17.98.