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Merging Data Visualization With Video: An Appeal Video For Belt Magazine

Check out this appeal video I made for Belt Magazine, a fantastic publication based out of Cleveland that puts a focus on the Rust Belt and Midwest. You can contribute here.

Jordan Heller, Belt’s editor-in-chief, asked me to produce the video by merging compelling photos and article screenshots from Belt’s archives, with visualization and data that addresses the region’s journalism decline. Some information I gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • In 1996, the six states of Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana had 9,470 working “reporters and correspondents.” In 2016, that number was just 6,640.
  • The Chicago area has just 1,090 reporters and correspondents. Buffalo has just 50. Cleveland and Detroit have 400 each. The Washington, DC area has 3,010 while New York City has 3,610.