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How Home Shapes Chicagoans’ Lives, Part 1

Check out what will be the first of a series I’m doing for WBEZ’s Curious City project comparing life in Chicago’s public housing with downtown condo life.

The key question I’m trying to answer?

What’s it like to live in public housing versus the fanciest apartment downtown?

If you know someone who lives in one of Chicago’s fancy downtown apartments, shoot me an email.

Photo credit goes to WBEZ’s Logan Jaffe.

New Piece: A Primer on Afghan Food

This is the qabili palau served at Kabul House in Skokie, Ill. The dish, featuring succulent meat, covered with rice, carrots, lentils and raisins is the national dish of Afghanistan.

Read this introduction to Afghan food I wrote as my first piece for Food Republic, a website that produces stories about food with a predominantly male audience in mind.

And yes, it is in fact as delicious as it looks.